About Us

In order to get the full story behind Salamati, join us on the journey that brought us here. In early 2015, a group of five young entrepreneurs came together to take on a very ambitious project in the heart of Tysons, VA, and after a year of preparation, Tysons Biergarten officially opened its doors to the public.  TBG brought the features and excitement of a German Biergarten to Northern Virginia, with 40+ taps of German, Belgian, Austrian, and American craft beer, complemented by authentic German food and a great atmosphere. Almost instantly, the public gravitated to the new concept and after a few successful years, it was recognized as local staple.  TBG held events that attracted thousands of people from all sorts of backgrounds, hosted charity events with children from a local homeless shelter, and even hosted campaign fundraisers for local political offices. TBG earned various awards through the years and was featured in numerous publications ranging from local news channel broadcasts to articles in the Washington Post. Catching lightning in a bottle, Tysons Biergarten was truly an American success story.

Using Tysons Biergarten as a tail wind, the group decided to expand their dreams and brand by introducing multiple different concepts throughout Northern Virginia. Insert Shipgarten and more importantly Salamati.

Salamati is a fast/casual restaurant specializing in traditional Persian custom-made dishes.  We use whole & real ingredients without adding unnatural flavors, colors or preservatives (other than lemon, saffron or lime juice, which can be used as preservatives — though we use them only for taste). Just genuine raw ingredients and their individual, delectable flavors. Your unique selection from our menu will be prepared from scratch and in a timely manner without sacrificing quality or authenticity. 


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